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The most visible manifestations of the OL Society are its Playing Fields and Clubhouse: Fenley Field in Lime Tree Avenue, Bilton. The grounds were bought by the Society in 1939, and named for Lol Fenley the driving force in their acquisition. Early photographs show teams posing in front of a Nissen Hut structure – the current clubhouse was built in the early 1960s.

The principle occupant of Fenley Field has always been the OLRFC (initially a closed section of the Society, but since the 1960s an open club), but it has also been the home for other sports (notably Cricket) and clubs. The arrival of the erstwhile Rugby and GEC Hockey clubs (which merged in 2007) is an extremely exciting and important development, heralding a new phase of development of the facilities.

The grounds are also occasionally used by LSS teams (both Rugby and Cricket) fulfilling part of the Society’s remit to foster sporting relationships with the School.

The Society also has a number of other sporting sections which are not based at Fenley Field, such as the Golf and Angling societies.

The over-arching body of the sporting sections is the Laurentian Sports Club (LSC), an organisation that sits between the Society and the sporting sections and is responsible for the running and maintenance of the clubhouse and facilities.

Laurentian Sports Club

The Laurentian Sports Club is the body that manages and administers the Society’s clubhouse and grounds at Fenley Field, Bilton; it sits between the Society (which is its landlord) and the sporting sections (which are its tenants). The LSC manages the clubhouse bar, and uses the proceeds therefrom to maintain the fabric of the clubhouse and infrstructure (maintenance of the playing surfaces themselves are the responsibility of the sporting sections but the LSC maintains all other areas such as the drive and car parking and is responsible for paying rates to the Council, for example).


All members of the OL Society and all members of the sporting sections are automatically members of the LSC. The LSC has three officers:

  • Chairman: Peter Jenkins
  • Secretary: Richard Wootton
  • Treasurer: David Longrigg

Other members of the committee are co-opted on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Minutes of AGMs

Member Organisations

Old Laurentian Golf Society

The Golf Society held its Autumn meet as usual at Tadmarton Heath Golf Club; organiser Richard Wooton gave this report:

18 golfers took part and those could not make it for whatever reason missed the chance to play in glorious sunshine on 27 September – the best weather at Tadmarton anyone could remember.

2012 celebrates the 75th anniversary of the OL Golf Society – it would great to see some more new members who have left school during the last 30 years, so that by the time we reach our Centenary we are more than a four ball!

Results (Stableford format):

  • 1st Michael Beaufoy (handicap 13)     39 points
  • 2nd Steve Griffiths (handicap 18)        39 points  ( on count back )
  • 3rd David Thomson (handicap 14)      33 points
  • Nearest the Pin on the 7th hole was Julian Marks.

The Golf Society meets twice a year – in Spring and Autumn – if any OLs are interested in joining then please email golf@oldlaurentian.org