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Rules of the Society


Passed by the General Meeting on Saturday 3rd April 1982 Amended on Saturday 14th April 1984, Saturday 5th April 1997, Saturday 18th April 1998, Saturday 12th April 2003, Saturday 3rd April 2004, and Saturday 14th April 2007.


  1. The Society shall be called the Old Laurentian Society. The colours of the Society shall be Old Gold, Claret and Green.


  1. The objects of the Society shall be
    1. to foster the spirit of comradeship amongst the old boys of Lawrence Sheriff School
    2. to interest itself in the furtherance of educational achievement at Lawrence Sheriff School by means of charitable endowments for the giving of prizes and to foster and encourage by all means possible the education of boys at Lawrence Sheriff School both in the classroom, on the playing field, and in other activities sponsored by the School
    3. to promote contact between the members of the Society by means of social and sporting activities and such other means as the Society shall from time to time consider desirable
    4. to promote contact between the Society and the Parents’ Association of Lawrence Sheriff School by means of social activities and such other means as the Society shall from time to time consider desirable.


  1. The Society shall consist of Ordinary Members and Honorary Members.
    1. Ordinary Members shall be limited to such former pupils of Lawrence Sheriff School and such present and past members of the teaching staff as are elected by the Committee in the manner hereinafter mentioned
    2. Ordinary Members shall be duly proposed and seconded by Members of the Committee. The Secretary shall bring the same before the next convenient meeting of the Committee of the Society who may admit such Ordinary Member by election
    3. any Ordinary Member of the Society may be removed from membership by resolution of the Committee provided such resolution shall be passed by the ordinary meeting of the Committee. The Committee shall not be bound to assign any reason for the expulsion of any such Ordinary Member
    4. Honorary Members of the Society shall be limited to:-
      1. the Rector of Rugby
      2. past and present Governors of the School
      3. any other persons who have shown a special interest in the School and the Society and who shall be proposed and seconded by Ordinary Members of the Society and their election shall be duly considered at the Annual General Meeting of the Society in each year. They shall not be admitted to membership or the privileges of membership until at least two days after the nomination for membership. No Honorary Member of the Society shall be entitled to vote at any meeting of the Society or propose or second any Member as an Officer of the Society or as a Member of the Committee.
    5. Ordinary Members may elect to become Subscribing Members and shall thereupon become entitled
      1. to receive free of charge one annual issue of “The Griffin” Magazine
      2. to participate in any activity promoted by the Society and receive notice thereof
      3. to receive all correspondence from the Society to the members
      4. Ordinary Members shall be deemed to be Subscribing Members for the three years immediately following their leaving Lawrence Sheriff School, thereafter they will become Ordinary Members unless they elect to continue as, and pay a subscription as, a Subscribing Member
      5. Subscribing Members shall have no additional voting rights and shall otherwise be treated as Ordinary Members
    6. Ordinary Members shall be entitled to receive only formal notices calling general meetings of the Society.

Cessation of Membership

    1. An Ordinary Member may resign his membership at anytime on giving notice in writing to that effect to the Secretary
      1. the Committee may determine the membership of an Ordinary Member if it is satisfied that any notice or communication sent by prepaid post to such member will not in fact come to the notice of such member
      2. an Ordinary Member whose membership has been determined pursuant to sub clause (i) of this clause may be reinstated on such terms as the Committee shall decide.
    2. a Subscribing Member shall cease to be such a member (but shall otherwise remain an Ordinary Member) if his annual subscription remains unpaid sixty days after the same shall have become due.


    1. Ordinary Members elected in the manner hereinafter provided shall on election pay a life subscription of such sum as may from time to time be considered necessary by the Committee and agreed in a General Meeting
    2. the Committee shall fix from time to time the annual subscription to be paid by Ordinary Members who elect to become Subscribing Members.


  1. The Officers for the Society shall consist of the President, a Deputy President (who shall normally be the President Elect), a Chairman, a Secretary, a Membership Secretary and a Treasurer, all of whom shall be Ordinary Members of the Society. The President or the Deputy President, the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer shall be resident in or near Rugby.


  1. The business of the Society shall be managed by the Committee who may exercise on behalf of the Society any powers which are not by law or otherwise required to be exercised by the Society in General Meeting.
    1. The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Society and twelve (12) other Ordinary Members of the Society of whom at least eight (8) shall be resident in or near Rugby. The following persons shall also be ex-officio Members of the Committee – the Headmaster of Lawrence Sheriff School, the Immediate Past President of the Society and the Head Boy of Lawrence Sheriff School or his official deputy
    2. the Committee shall have power to co-opt any member of the Society to fill a casual vacancy
    3. eight (8) voting members shall form a quorum at any meeting of the Committee
    4. in the event of a tied vote, the Chairman will refer to the President who will exercise his casting vote
    5. all Officers of the Society and all Members of the Committee shall retire each year but shall be eligible for re-election.

Election of Committee and Officers

  1. The election of the Officers and the Members of the Committee (except such Members as shall be ex-officio Members) shall take place in the following manner:
    1. any two (2) Ordinary Members of the Society shall be at liberty to propose any other Ordinary Member to serve as an Officer or as a Member of the Committee and any such proposal may be sent in writing to the Secretary before or made at the Annual General Meeting in every year
    2. balloting lists shall be prepared (if necessary) containing the names of the candidates only in alphabetical order and so far as the Officers of the Society are concerned showing the Offices for which any particular member shall have been proposed and each Ordinary Member present at the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to vote for any number of such candidates not exceeding the number of vacancies
    3. the candidate with the highest number of votes shall be deemed to have been elected but if the number of candidates equal to the number of vacancies to be filled is not clearly elected because two (2) or more candidates received an equal number of votes then another ballot shall be taken in respect of such candidates only. If two (2) or more candidates again obtain an equal number of votes the members of the Committee shall elect by lot from such candidates who is or are to be elected.

General and Extraordinary Meetings

  1. The Society shall hold a General Meeting every year as its Annual General Meeting at such time and place as may be determined by the Committee and the Committee shall specify the meeting as such in the notice calling it provided that every Annual General Meeting shall not be more than fifteen (15) months after the holding of the last preceding Annual General Meeting.
  2. All General Meetings other than the Annual General Meeting shall be called Extraordinary General Meetings.
  3. The Committee may at any time whenever it thinks fit convene an Extraordinary General Meeting and an Extraordinary General Meeting shall also be convened on receipt by the Secretary of a notice requesting such a meeting signed by not less than thirty (30) Ordinary Members of the Society.

Notice of Meetings

  1. Fourteen (14) days notice in writing at least of every General Meeting specifying the place, the day and the hour of the meeting and in the case of special business the general nature of the business shall be given to all members of the Society entitled to receive such a notice.
  2. The accidental omission to give notice of such a meeting or the non-receipt of such a notice by any person entitled to receive notice thereof shall not invalidate any resolution passed or proceeding at that meeting.


Quorum of Meetings

  1. No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum is present when the meeting proceeds to business and twenty (20) Ordinary Members shall form a quorum at any General Meeting.


Life Vice Presidents

  1. The Society may at an Annual General Meeting honour any person who has by example and action brought credit and honour upon himself, the Society and the School by electing that person to life Vice President. Every nomination for such election shall be proposed and seconded by Ordinary Members who shall support the nomination by a citation and the nomination shall be endorsed by the Committee.


    1. The Society shall have three (3) Trustees of whom at least two (2) shall be Ordinary Members. The real property and invested capital funds (as hereinafter defined) of the Society shall be vested in the Trustees who shall only deal with the same as the Members in General Meeting shall by resolution from time to time direct
    2. each Trustee shall hold office for a period of one (1) year and shall be elected in such manner as is hereinbefore provided for the election of an Officer of the Society. Retiring Trustees shall be eligible for re-election
    3. if any Trustee shall resign, die or otherwise cease to be capable of exercising the duties of a Trustee or whose whereabouts shall be unknown the Committee shall have the power to replace any such Trustee by a qualified member forthwith
    4. any replacement Trustee shall be elected in the manner hereinbefore provided (if he is to continue in office) at the AGM following the appointment by the Committee. If any replacement Trustee is not so elected any function carried out by him between his appointment by the Committee and the following AGM shall nevertheless be valid
    5. the invested capital funds of the Society shall consist only of those funds and monies expressed to be such and which are held or invested in the names of the Trustees and any Society monies in the hands of the Committee (whether invested or not) may be dealt with or expended as the Committee may from time to time decide.

Auditors and Books of Account

  1. The Society at the Annual General Meeting shall appoint a qualified accountant to be employed to audit the accounts of the Society which shall be made up to the Thirty First (31st) day of December in each year.
  2. The Committee shall cause proper books of account to be kept showing from day to day the affairs of the Society and such books shall be kept in the custody of and under the control of the Treasurer who shall make therein all proper entries necessary for the recording the transactions of the Society. Such accounts shall be available for inspection by any Member of the Society upon giving the Treasurer fourteen (14) days notice of his desire to make such an inspection.
  3. The monies of the Society shall be banked at such a Bank as the Committee may from time to time determine and any cheques drawn on such account shall be signed by the Treasurer and one (1) other from the President, Deputy President, Chairman and the Secretary.


  1. The Committee shall have power to make, vary and revoke bye-laws (not inconsistent with these rules) for the conduct of the Society and its affairs and the conduct of the Members and the bye-laws in force from time to time shall be binding on the Members.

Alteration of Rules

  1. These Rules may be added to, repealed, and amended by resolution at any General Meeting provided that no such resolution shall be deemed to have been passed unless it be carried by a majority of at least two thirds (⅔) of the Members voting thereon.


Resumption of Responsibility for Club Premises

  1. Should the Laurentian Sports and Social Club or its successors in title cease to have an interest in the Society’s premises at Fenley Field, Lime Tree Avenue, Rugby then with immediate effect from the date of such cessation Rules 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 shall become operative.

Permitted Hours

  1. The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor shall be fixed and may be varied from time to time by the Committee in accordance with the statutory provisions for the time being in force. No such variation shall be effective until written notice thereof signed by the President or Secretary has been given to the appropriate Clerk to the Justices.

Admission to Club Premises

  1. There may be admitted to the registered premises of the Society the following classes of persons other than Members of the Society and their guests, namely:
    1. co-opted members (not being members of the Society), whose names shall have been exhibited in the registered premises for two (2) days
    2. members and supporters of teams who on the day of such admission are competing in matches or sporting events on the Society’s premises at Fenley Field
    3. members of the Laurentian Sports and Social Club or its successors whose names shall have been exhibited at the registered premises for two (2) days and approved by the Committee of the Society.


  1. Members of the Society and the classes of persons mentioned in Rule 25(a) and 25(b) may introduce guests to the Society’s premises and any guest so introduced shall sign the book so provided for the purpose. No person shall introduce more than three (3) guests to the Society’s premises at any one time.
  2. Intoxicating liquor may be supplied to persons admitted to the registered premises under Rule 25 and 26 by or on behalf of the Society for the consumption on the premises and not elsewhere.
  3. Without prejudice to the generality of Rule 21 the bye-laws may provide for and regulate: (a) the introduction and entertainment of guests at the Society’s premises (b) the constitution and management of any and each section of the Society (c) the constitution and functions of a Ground Committee.
  4. Until the Byelaws referred to in Rules 21 and 28 above have been effected the responsibility for the purchase and supply of intoxicating liquor in the Society’s premises shall rest with the Committee of the Society.

Dissolution of the Society

  1. If the Society should become unable (for whatever reason) properly to run its affairs the Society’s assets should be applied first in permitting and assisting in the running of sporting facilities at Fenley Field and second if that function should cease in providing assistance (meaning the use of income or passing over the capital) for the benefit of the School.